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Ordinary Darkness by Sarah Robertson and directed by Stella Duffy

on Sun, 10/14/2012 - 12:20

Four people walk into a party – a dreamer, a schemer, a player and a banker. Come the morning, only one of them is still smiling.

Flic, Becca and Max each have their own motives for squatting in a mansion in London; Flic wants to defy society, Becca sees herself as a wild party girl, and Max says he’s making them a home. But the rot has set in, and when Max brings home a surprise guest things turn ugly. Mr B is a fat cat banker who represents all they despise and all they want to destroy. And, just maybe, they will.

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Ordinary Darkness is about men and women, men and girls, men grooming girls - despite writer Sarah Robertson starting it over a year ago, long before all the topical scandals.

It's about real politics and fake politics and manipulation and greed and misguided rebellion.

It's about falling in love and lust getting in the way of truth. About being careful what you wish for. And shame. It’s definitely about shame.

It's a London play about any city. Any city where we hear screams behind closed doors and do nothing, any city where young people are lost and disaffected, any city where we walk past the homeless, the hidden, the faceless, the trafficked and choose not to stop, not to ask how or what can we do?

It's all that and it's hugely physical. And funny.

Where and when

Hen & Chickens Theatre - 109 Saint Paul's Road, London, N1 2NA

Hen & Chickens Theatre Map

14 November - 1 December (Tuesday-Saturday at 7pm, Sat matinee at 3pm)

Tickets £12.50 (Concessions £10.50)


Book here or visit

More Information

To find out more about the production read Director, Stella Duffy's blogs titled Catching the zeitgeist (and feeling odd about it) and making work and the shame thing and Sarah Robertson's the playwright/write writes …