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About Shaky Isles Theatre

In Shaky Isles we make work in Open Space, working collectively and collaboratively to create the best work we can make between us. We make devised work where narrative counts, and text-based work that is physical and aural. We are interested in bridging a (perceived) gap between script and non-script.  We care about design and our designers work with the company from the very beginnings of a piece. 

In Shaky Isles we are now also investigating producing work using Action Learning. The idea of mining for the nuggets in each person, providing a clean space for each individual to develop and learn new skills. Collective & individual thinking in order to best serve the growth, vision and development of the company. 

Many of us are from, or grew up, have lived in, New Zealand/Aotearoa, but not all of us. Like those islands themselves, we have welcomed seeking newcomers, be they from Britain, Samoa, the United States, Australia. Our work therefore often contains a thematic thread of ‘home/not home’, and the distance in between. 
The shaky isles of Aotearoa rose from the sea, arrived geographically, comparatively recently. The land still twists and turns, the sea coasts are still wild and rugged. We want our work to be like that, ever-changing, always growing, shifting, creating and re-creating. We like what is live.  We like theatrical theatre.

Who we are

Artistic Director is Stella Duffy
Founder and Artistic Producer is Emma Deakin
Associate Artists are; Ella Becroft, Jonathan Bidgood, Kane Bixley, Ana Brothers, Lauren Cooney, Martyn Duffy, Aaron Hapuku, Rosella Hart, Olly Hawes, Kate Hodder, Jon Jewett, Tom Jewett, Kate Lane, Eleanor Lawrence, Jen Lunn, Sani Malo, Emma Newborn, Mary O’Connor, Allen O’Leary, Simon Pollard, Rosanna Raymond, Sarah Robertson, Shelley Silas, Kathryn Stewart, Amy Straker, Connie Tancredi Brice Girvan, Mark Trezon, Sam Webster, Louie Whitemore, Michelle Witton